Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for ensuring our personnel are trained and proficient to provide exceptional service to the citizens and visitors of Red Bank. In order to provide an all-hazards response to our community, our personnel train regularly on proficiencies in firefighting, emergency medicine, hazardous materials, and technical rescue operations. This training is conducted in accordance with national fire protection standards, as well as meeting the guidelines and requirements of the Tennessee Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education Commission, and the Insurance Services Organization.

Each year, personnel are required to complete a minimum amount of training to meet industry standards and ensure that we remain ready to respond.

  • Company Training: 196 hours (16 per month)
  • Driver Training: 12 hours
  • Hazardous Materials Training: 6 hours
  • Facility Training: 18 hours
  • Officer Training: 12 hours
  • Medical Training: Dependent on licensure level