Solid Waste

Public Works Sanitation Department

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Holiday           Observed        Make-up Day 

Veteran’s       Friday             Monday

Day                 11/10/2023      11/13/2023


Thanksgiving Thursday       Monday

                        11/23/2023      11/27/2023

                        Friday             Tuesday

                        11/24/2023      11/28/2023


Christmas       Monday          Wednesday

                        12/25/2023      12/27/2023

                        Tuesday          Thursday

                        12/26/2023      12/28/2023

Brush Removal 101

  • Brush is recommend to be cut into 4 foot sections
  • Brush is picked up throughout the work week, by requesting a work order through out Citizen Portal
  • Brush can NOT be placed on the public street or in a storm water ditch line next to the street
  • Brush must NOT be combined with processed woods (lumber, ply-wood, or wood based building materials). These are NOT accepted at the brush disposal facility
  • Brush must NOT be combined with bulk trash (large items), household garbage, or metals, and stones
  • City of Red Bank does NOT pick up brush generated by contractors hired to work on private property. Such brush and yard debris is the sole responsibility of the contractor hired to perform the work

Garbage Can Placement

  • Garbage cans shall be in place by 7am on your collection day
  • Cans should be placed at the street or within 3 feet of the street, unobstructed
  • Garbage cans should face forward, wheels and handles should face your property
  • Garbage cans should have a minimum of 3 feet clearance on all side. Do not place within 3 feet of poles, mailboxes, other containers or vehicles
  • Cans should be unobstructed, cans WILL NOT be emptied when vehicles are parked in front of or beside any cans or near posts and structures. 
  • If your can is not emptied, you will need to submit a work order through our Citizen Portal

Bulk Trash Removal

  • Bulk trash is picked up throughout the work week by submitting a work order through our Citizen Portal
  • Bulk trash consists of any items, other than HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, that cannot fit in your City of Red Bank issued garbage can
  • Bulk trash that is NOT generated on the premises where it is presented will not be picked up by City of Red Bank

Walk-up Garbage Service

City of Red Bank provides free walk-up garbage service to our residents that are handicapped, have sever disabilities, permanent or temporary medical conditions or persons of advanced age.

  • You must consent to a in person interview or a telephone interview
  • This service is subject to annual review
  • Changes in status must be reported to the Public Works Office Manager as they occur
  • All garbage must be bagged, loose garbage will NOT be accepted
  • City personnel are NOT allowed to go behind your house to retrieve your garbage can 

To apply for this service click here

Recycle Center

Hamilton County Recycle Center located at 4851 Dayton Blvd is available for all Red Bank residents.

  • Hours of operation: (except holidays) 
    • Sunday and Monday CLOSED
    • Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
    • Saturday 8am-4pm
  • Phone number: (423) 876-2010

What can be recycled at our center?

  • Plastic #1 & #2 only (bottles, tubs, jars, soda bottles, milk jugs)
  • Glass (clear, green, and brown)
  • Window glass, dishes, light bulbs are NOT accepted
  • Electronics (computers and computer related items, gaming boxes, controllers, APC back-up power supplies, rechargeable batteries, printers, scanners, copiers, and phones) are accepted. Televisions and nickel/lithium disposable batteries are NOT accepted
  • Paper (newspaper, office paper, cardboard, mixed paper)
  • Metals (aluminum cans, foil)

Other recycling services not provided by the City of Red Bank, can be found at Hamilton County Recycle Website

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility located at 3925 North Hawthorne Street, allows City and Hamilton county residents to dispose of many hazardous materials generated within their residence. Open the second Saturday of every month 8:00am to noon. 

Common Items accepted:

  • Adhesives
  • Oil based paint
  • Oven Cleaners
  • Computers
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Dry and wet cell batteries
  • Propane tanks or bottles