Courtroom Rules

General Rules

Plan to arrive early! Parking is limited; a few parking places are available in the parking lot of City Hall. There is additional parking between the Municipal Building and Red Bank Fire Station 1.
  • No small children. Please make arrangements for childcare prior to your court date.  
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the courtroom.
  • Bring any and all documentation that you may need for your court appearance. These may include a state-issued driver's license or identification card, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, copies of receipts, letters, or other correspondence.
  • All weapons are prohibited.
  • All phones must be silenced before entering the courtroom.
  • All juveniles must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Court Dress Code

You must be dressed appropriately for court. If you are not, you will be asked to leave and return to court dressed appropriately.
  • No shorts 
  • No short dresses / rompers / skirts
  • No tank tops / halter tops / strapless tops / muscle shirts
  • No ripped shirts or ripped jeans
  • No house shoes / slippers
  • No low cut shirts / blouses
  • No hats / caps / sunglasses
  • No pajamas
  • No shirts with obscene language or inappropriate graphics 
  • No exposed underwear or underclothing and pants must be worn at the waist