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Records Management is the central repository of records to meet the needs of the Red Bank Police Department and the public we serve. Records Management also provides information to other law enforcement agencies as requested. With over 15,000 police reports and related documents generated annually by the Police Department, Records Management is tasked with the responsibility of managing and collecting data for state and national crime statistics reporting as well as providing copies of these documents to the general public.

Records Management Responsibilities:

  • Maintain up to date and accurate information in compliance with all state and national standards
  • Maintain a secure database of all criminal justice information.
  • Transmit reports to TIBRS (Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System) on crime in Tennessee
  • Make timely and accurate entries into NCIC (National Crime Information Center) on wanted or missing persons, stolen property, and conditions of release/domestic violence.
  • Assist public with copies of incident or accident reports.
  • Send notifications to individuals and insurance companies regarding towed/seized vehicles.
  • Expunge records in accordance with court orders.

Police Reports

Police Reports may be obtained at the police department or through our website. Follow the link: Request a Report

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