Building Department

The Building Official is responsible for the overall guidance, direction, and enforcement of municipal codes, building codes, permitting and records management and any other public health or safety matters under the jurisdiction of the City of Red Bank.

Responsible for overseeing the daily operations and function of permitting and the coordination of inspections, reviewing of plats and plans and floodplain management. Answers inquiries from the public on zoning, building code and other related matters.

Works closely with various staff, contracted professionals, the City of Red Bank Commission, the Municipal Planning Commission, the Administrative Hearing Officer, and Southeast Tennessee Development District’s contracted staff. 


Building Official 

Eddie Clinton


How do I apply for a Building Permit?

Visit our Citizen Portal on the home page, scroll down to the middle of the page, and select which permit you are applying for. City of Red Bank Building Inspectors will inspect all trades to the standards of the IBC/IRC 2018 and Electrical to NEC 2020. 

How do I submit an inspection request online?

Visit the Citizen Portal and select "search an existing permits", there you will have an option to search your permit by (permit #, permit date, contractor, applicant address). Once you have found your permit, there is an option to Request an Inspection. You will need an access code, which will be given to once the permit has been paid for. Once you have filled out the 8 fields, submit the request. Our Office Manager will receive these requests, and give them to the Building Inspector. 

Can you upload files to a Permit Application?

Yes, before you submit a permit there is a upload option. You may upload filed pertaining to the specified work being done. Contractors are required to upload a copy of their Contractors license.