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Public Works

Wayne Hamill

Tim Thornbury
Public Works Director

Operations   Services   Enforcement
Solid Waste Government Buildings Flood Plain Management
Streets Parks and Recreation Codes
Storm Water Community Service Housing
Fleet Maintenance   Zoning

Division Summary
Services provided by the Division of Public Works are key to the City's system for addressing environmental, public health and local transportation issues. The division provides residents with weekly collection of garbage and trash, maintaining an emphasis on recycling all possible materials to reduce landfill costs from household recyclables at our recycling center.

Public Works manages the maintenance of streets with services such as asphalt paving, traffic engineering, pothole and cut/patch repair, fleet maintenance, construction codes, flood plain management, community services, government buildings, housing codes, parks and recreation, state street aid and storm water management Phase II MS4 to ensure reduction of pollution from urban runoff. Public Works also interacts with the Red Bank Planning Commission and the Red Bank Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Division must be responsive to the increased regulatory demands enforced by TDEC, FEMA, OSHA and the EPA, as well as new technology to improve productivity. The rising costs of essential supplies, such as fuel, asphalt binder and electrical energy greatly impact the Department's ability to meet expense goals.

Contact: Public Works Director
Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext 3

To preserve, repair, and improve the City's infrastructure and the efficient, consistent delivery of essential City services vital to our citizen's quality of life.

Contact: Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext 3

To eliminate slum and blight conditions throughout the City by vigorously enforcing housing code violations while maintaining safety, health and environmental standards for the community and the citizens of Red Bank.

Contact: Greg James
(423) 362-2857


The purpose of these codes are to establish the minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment.

Contact: Inspector
Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext 3

For PERMITS contact: Building Official
Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext. 3

The Red Bank Community Service Program (RBPSC) is a public works type program that was created by the Red Bank City Judge and is managed by the court in conjunction with the Red Bank Public Works Department.

Contact: Jimmy Mathis
(423) 266-1035

To provide animal control services to the citizens of Red Bank. This service is contracted to the Hamilton County Humane Educational Society. Located at 212 N. Highland Park Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37404

Contact: (423) 624-5302

Parks and Recreation plays a key role in addressing strategic functions of the City: culture and leisure, neighborhoods, youth and service to the senior population. Parks and Recreation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all City residents. The Division provides diverse services that include green spaces, recreation and sports facilities. Public Works employees perform maintenance for recreation and parks facilities to serve the leisure time use and recreational needs of the citizens of Red Bank.

The parks located within Red Bank are:

1. Hamilton County/White Oak Park
2. James Avenue/White Oak Park
3. Morrison Springs Road Park / Community Center
4. Redding Road Park (Kid's Korner location)
5. Town Center (Morrison Springs  @ Dayton Blvd.)

Contact: Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext. 3


To protect and promote public health by providing solid waste collection services to the citizens of Red Bank.

Garbage Service Fee: $16.00 per month, per can. This service fee covers household garbage disposal once a week, routine brush pick-up, large item pickup on Friday of each week and seasonal leaf pick-up. If you require more than (1) garbage can the fee is an additional $16.00 per month, per can.

Contact: Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext 3

The Department of Public Works publishes an annual holiday waste collection schedule to better serve the community. The local landfill and transfer station used by the City of Red Bank are closed on holidays observed by most employers. To better serve the community, residential waste collection missed as a result of a holiday is generally collected the following collection day.

Residential Waste Collection Schedule

Citizens Can Reduce Solid Waste Disposal Costs Test 1


To protect and promote public health by providing solid waste collection services to the citizens of Red Bank.

Contact: Tim Thornbury
(423) 877-1103 ext 3

To protect the health of the City's citizens and the environment in which they live by developing and implementing programs to address pollution in storm water runoff from four defined source areas: residential and commercial, industrial and landfill, illicit connections and illegal dumping, and construction sites. (The program also works to reduce visible pollution caused by litter.)


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Citizens Can Reduce Solid Waste Disposal Costs Test1
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